Caracal Cat

African Caracal Cat – A wonderful choice when it comes to midsize wild cats!

Caracal Cat Price

How much do Caracal cats cost? That depends mostly on where you buy it, but typically ranges somewhere between $6,000-$9,000 for kittens, possibly less for adults. They can be more expensive, of course, but generally are not. Do not let people scare you into thinking that this beautiful cat will cost you anywhere as much as a F1 Savannah cat. Though don’t be fooled, taking care of one might be much more expensive due to its more restricted diet and need for an enclosure – it’s a big kitty, it wants to run! 😉

Watch out for scammers! If it’s too good to be true, it’s probably a scam!

Caracal Pet

Considering a Caracal as a pet? No problem, as long as they’re legal where you live (for U.S. check here), and you can provide for them properly.

They’re “wild” cats, so don’t be fooled by their cute pointy ears and fluffy baby coats. They WILL get bigger, more mischievous, and wilder. They are very loving and affectionate, some say almost dog like. Compared to another midsize wild cat, the African Serval, the Caracal will be much calmer and less hyper.

They have a lifespan of up to 20 years in captivity. Do not make the decision to adopt one lightly – If you cannot take care of it anymore, it will be very hard to impossible to rehome it with another family/person. It might have to go to a wildlife sanctuary, and they are NOT happy about that for a reason.

Caracals need lots of raw meat to eat, big toys to play with (think durable dog toys they can’t swallow), lots of space to run and be wild (but safe), and lots of attention. An unhappy Caracal will be just as unhappy as a house cat when not played with and ignored. It might get rebellious and pissy. Literally.

Caracal cats spray. Yes, all of them. And possibly a lot. They are litter box trainable (think big litter box please, it’s a big cat after all). But it’s hardwired in their nature to mark their territory, and your home will not be an exception. It is possible to try to contain it, to prevent damage and (too strong) smells around the house by placing these where it will go. But nothing is 100% and it will be your job to check the Caracals’ home regularly and wash/clean/sanitize everything that was in its pee-path.

Caracals might chew on your cables, push down vases, jump on cabinets – just as their not so closely related house cat. But since they’re bigger and veterinary visits might very well be much more expensive, “baby” proofing your house will save you money and heartache when your caracal decides to get electroshocked from some cable or swallows something that nearly suffocates it.

Caracals need outdoor enclosures with protections against harsh weathers.

They can make lovely pets, as long as you know what you’re getting into and are prepared to deal with it.

Caracal Cat Breeders

To buy an African Serval Cat, I most definitely recommend making sure the breeder is USDA registered to make sure they can guarantee a healthy kitten and are up to USDA standards, which will only benefit you and the cat, especially considering the investment that it is.

Caracal Kittens for sale

A good website where to find Serval kittens and cats is here. Some are USDA registered breeders, others might not be, please make sure to ask them if that’s important to you.

Caracal Diet

The diets of Caracal Cats mostly consist of raw meat. More to that topic here. Just no pork, that might actually make them sick.

Generally they do well with a more “wild” diet, meaning mostly raw meats mixed with special exotic feline supplements, and the exotic feline kibbles and canned wet foods as snacks or to mix it up a few times a week. They are not like your regular house cat, they will be more active and hyper, not to mention much larger than their house cat friends or neighbors.

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