Cat Furniture – How to make your cat love that new cat tree

Cat Furniture – yay or nay?

As every avid cat lover knows, there’s about a million things to buy for your beloved tiny flat mate, but only about 3 that he/she will actually use. They’re expensive, in the way, and only sometimes make the space they’re in look somewhat better.

So the question is really, what will cats actually use?

Good question! No one knows! What we do know is that cats like stuff that smells like us, stuff we use, wear, or need. And some cats like catnip.

So to the point – if you want your cat to actually use the stuff you buy her, make it smell like you. 

Catbed? Put a used, well worn shirt on it, preferably unwashed.

Scratching post? Rub it with catnip, fresh, homegrown, store bought, don’t matter.  Also, keep those socks with the holes and wrap it around the bottom or top of the post to attract the cat with out it actually being in the way of the scratch.

New toys? Again, old socks, old shirts, whatever old and well worn, and unwashed – cut it up and stuff it in there (not too small, we don’t want a giant mess)

And so on goes the list. Cats like your space. Your space is their space. But if you’re tired of all the hair, occasional holes where kitty got stuck with her claws, or just don’t want her on the couch/bed/table. Don’t be afraid to buy that beautiful piece of cat or dog furniture, just find a way to make it attractive for her.  

Because your kitty will love what smells like you, you don’t need to buy that ugly cat tree that stands out like a thorn in your eye, or that cheap cat bed you know you will wash once and then it’ll be trash.

Buy something that makes you happy to look at, it is after all a piece of furniture in your home. There’s some great cat trees out there that actually enhance your room, not make it look like an animal shelter. Pet beds that are ergonomical, hypoallergenic, and machine washable, not just a cute looking, cheaply stuffed “bed” that might be confused with a litter box because it smells funny inside (who knows what’s in there!). 

Just make it smell like you. Interact with it with you cat. Make it a save haven. Then your cat will love it just as much as you do!

P.S. If the furniture in question is in a somewhat cold of drafty place, like a tile floor, or it’s just winter – simple heating pads or blankets, preferably with some adjustable settings, will make the new catbed so much more appealing than if it’s a cold bed vs. your feet or your old laundry somewhere. 

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